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Bring the Magic of the Circus to Your Next Event.

Leave your guests in awe with the excitement and thrill of acrobatic feats, captivating acts, and dynamic performances.

With the heart-pounding thrills and spectacular entertainment that only a professional circus can offer, make your event one to remember.
Booking Circus Entertainment with us is easy and stress-free. We work closely with you to understand your event and create a customised circus show that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks to come.

Don't miss out on the chance to add some excitement and wonder to your event. Contact us today and let us bring the circus to you!

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Rope Renegade

Silk Symphony

Hoop Heroes

Trapeze Titans

Pole Pinnacle

Wheel Warriors

Juggling Jokers

Acrobatic Avengers

Balance Beacons

Fire Feat


Stilt Savvy

Hooping Hues

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Come and Join the Circus

Leo's Circus School is more than a performance art; it's an empowering journey that nurtures creativity, strength, and resilience. Our vibrant and inclusive community welcomes aspiring performers of all levels to thrive and excel. With experienced instructors guiding every step, we're passionate about sharing expertise and helping students on their circus adventure.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, and discover the transformative power of circus arts.