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Memorable Community Gatherings

At Leo's Circus, we believe in the power of community and the joy of shared experiences. Our commitment to bringing people together through the magic of circus arts has led us to create a series of captivating and inclusive community events that are perfect for individuals and families of all ages. Whether you're a seasoned circus enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and entertaining way to connect with your neighbours, our community events are designed to inspire, entertain, and foster a sense of togetherness like no other.
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A Spectacular Day at Holyport Fair!

Leo’s Circus School Lights Up The Fairground! Holyport Fair was pure magic!

Our heart-pounding circus class dazzled and delighted, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd. We relished every moment - from teaching eager youngsters their first circus tricks to witnessing the awe-inspiring performances of our very own Laura and Amelia. A standing ovation to Holyport Fair’s organizers for orchestrating such a magnificent event. Thinking of adding some circus flair to your summer event? Reach out to us at Leo’s Circus School. Here's to many more high-flying days ahead!

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Meet the team 

Discover the faces behind our success. Meet our talented, passionate, and dedicated team members who bring creativity, expertise, and a shared vision to everything we do. Get to know us better below!

Come and Join the Circus

Leo's Circus School is more than a performance art; it's an empowering journey that nurtures creativity, strength, and resilience. Our vibrant and inclusive community welcomes aspiring performers of all levels to thrive and excel. With experienced instructors guiding every step, we're passionate about sharing expertise and helping students on their circus adventure.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, and discover the transformative power of circus arts.