Amelia Benton

Aerial Instructor

From lockdown levitation to soaring in the silks, Amelia's circus journey is a testament to relentless growth and artistic dedication.

Amelia's resilience shone during lockdown, as she mastered levitation wand and basic acrobatics independently. Joining Leo’s Circus in 2022 proved pivotal; she now excels in aerial silks and hoop. Amelia's teaching extends to Leo's Circus weekly kids' classes, while also leading the Saturday classes. Notably, she orchestrated the Leo's Circus show, showcasing her versatility as both performer and director. Beyond Leo's Circus, Amelia engages with young talent through Acro instruction at Zig Zag Acrobatics Academy. Her journey is a testament to relentless growth and artistic dedication, leaving an indelible mark as she inspires through performance and education in the world of aerial arts and dance.

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