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Delve into the art of trapeze, honing strength, coordination, and mastering intricate manoeuvres with precision under the expert guidance of our skilled instructors.

Aerial Hoop

Explore the ethereal world of aerial fabric, master intricate poses, and choreograph captivating sequences. Elevate your strength, flexibility, and artistry in a captivating journey.

Aerial Rope

Learn intricate manoeuvres with precision under
the expert guidance of our expert instructors
while honing strength and coordination.

Aerial Silks

Explore dynamic climbs, wraps, drops, and mesmerising sequences while building strength, agility, and stunning skills.
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Leo's Circus School is more than a performance art; it's an empowering journey that nurtures creativity, strength, and resilience. Our vibrant and inclusive community welcomes aspiring performers of all levels to thrive and excel. With experienced instructors guiding every step, we're passionate about sharing expertise and helping students on their circus adventure.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, and discover the transformative power of circus arts.