Create Magical Memories: Kids' Birthday Parties in Maidenhead

April 4, 2024

Create magical circus-themed birthday celebrations for your child at Leo’s Circus Adventure, perfect for families in Maidenhead. Enjoy captivating performances, engaging workshops, and personalised experiences. Book now.

Spectacular Kids' Birthday Parties in Maidenhead

Leo’s Circus Adventure for extraordinary kids’ birthday party celebrations. Located just a stone's throw from Maidenhead, our circus-themed extravaganzas promise an unforgettable experience for your little one and their friends. With super enjoyable performances, hands-on workshops, and tailored details, Leo’s Circus guarantees a birthday bash filled with laughter and treasured memories.

Why Choose Leo’s Circus for Your Child's Special Day?

1. Great Circus Performances: Be spellbound by our talented artists as they present jaw-dropping acts and dazzling displays, captivating guests of all ages.

2. Engaging Circus Workshops: Let your child and their friends unleash their inner circus star with interactive workshops, where they can master thrilling tricks and techniques under expert guidance.

3. Personalised Party Packages: From themed decorations to bespoke surprises, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to craft a unique birthday experience tailored to your child's preferences.

4. Safety is Our Priority: Rest assured, your child's safety is paramount. With experienced staff and attentive supervision, you can relax and enjoy the festivities, knowing your little ones are in capable hands.

Craft Unforgettable Memories for Your Birthday Star and Guests

Seize the opportunity to create extraordinary memories: Reach out now to secure your child's extraordinary birthday celebration. Let's ensure their day is brimming with enchantment and wonder.

• Immerse in Circus Workshop Delight: Dive into the captivating world of the circus. From juggling acts to awe-inspiring balancing feats, there's something to ignite the curiosity of every adventurous soul.

• Embrace the Unforgettable Spotlight Moment: Witness as the birthday child takes center stage under the dazzling circus lights, experiencing a moment that transforms them into the true star of the festivities.

• Engage in Interactive Entertainment: Our celebrations go beyond mere spectacle; they invite everyone to become integral participants. Children eagerly immerse themselves, exploring props and relishing a taste of life as circus artists.

• Capture Super Memories: Preserve the enchantment of the day with our themed photo sessions. Step into our photo booth adorned with whimsical props and costumes, ensuring you can revisit the joyous moments whenever your heart desires.

Program Choices for Your Child’s Celebration

Exclusive Package 1: Immerse in one hour of diverse aerial circus instruction, featuring aerial silks, hoop, and trapeze, accompanied by interactive games and supervised free play. Ideal for beginners to intermediate skill levels. Includes an extra thirty-minute break for refreshments and cake cutting.

Exclusive Package 2: Embark on two hours of exhilarating aerial circus training, showcasing aerial silks, hoop, and trapeze, enhanced by interactive games and supervised free play. Tailored for beginners to intermediate skill levels. Includes an extra thirty-minute break for refreshments and cake cutting.

Elevate Your Experience: Enhance your celebration with a bouncy castle, available at an additional rate of £70 per hour. Sessions Availability: Our sessions primarily take place on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm, with flexibility to accommodate alternate days whenever feasible.

Added Delights: Treat your young guests with a Leo’s Circus Party Bag, featuring a T-shirt, available at £15 per child.

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