Unforgettable Kids Parties in Langley

April 4, 2024

Experience unforgettable circus-themed kids birthday parties at Leo’s Circus near Langley. Enjoy captivating performances, engaging workshops, and tailored experiences. Book now.

Unforgettable Kids' Birthday Parties in Langley

Welcome to Leo’s Circus – where birthday celebrations are transformed into extraordinary adventures. Nestled near Langley, our circus-themed parties promise an unparalleled experience for your child and their friends. Prepare for great performances, interactive workshops, and tailored touches that ensure a birthday is filled with laughter, joy, and kids integration.

Why Leo’s Circus for Your Kids’ Birthday Party?

1. Mesmerising Circus Acts: Be entranced by our skilled performers as they showcase captivating acts and dazzling displays, captivating guests of all ages.

2. Engaging Circus Workshops: Let your child and their friends unleash their creativity with interactive workshops, mastering exciting tricks and techniques under expert guidance.

3. Personalised Party Packages: From themed decorations to bespoke surprises, our team collaborates closely with you to craft a unique birthday experience tailored to your child's preferences.

4. Safety First: Your child's safety is paramount. With experienced staff and vigilant supervision, you can relax and enjoy the festivities, knowing your little ones are in safe hands.

Create a Day that Your Birthday Star and Guests Never Forget

Circus Workshop Delight: Immerse in the captivating world of the circus. From thrilling acts to exciting feats, there's something to ignite the curiosity of every adventurous soul.

Spotlight Moment: Witness the birthday child shine under the dazzling lights, experiencing a moment that makes them feel like the star of the show.

Interactive Entertainment: Our celebrations invite everyone to participate. Children eagerly explore props and enjoy life as circus artists.

Preserve the Fun: Capture the day's joy with themed photo sessions, ensuring you can revisit the joyful moments whenever your heart desires.

Program Choices for Your Kids Celebration

Exclusive Package 1: One hour of diverse aerial circus instruction, featuring aerial silks, hoop, and trapeze, alongside interactive games and supervised free play. Ideal for beginners to intermediate

skill levels. Includes a thirty-minute break for refreshments and cake cutting.

Exclusive Package 2: Two hours of exhilarating aerial circus training, showcasing aerial silks, hoop, and trapeze, enhanced by interactive games and supervised free play. Personalised for beginners to intermediate skill levels. Includes a thirty-minute break for refreshments and cake cutting.

Boost your celebration: Add a bouncy castle, available at an additional rate of £70 per hour.

Sessions Availability: Our sessions primarily take place on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm, with flexibility to accommodate alternate days whenever feasible. Added Delights: Treat your young guests with a Leo’s Circus Party Bag, featuring a T-shirt, available at £15 per child.

Reserve your child's special birthday celebration now.

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