Holiday Fun At Leo's Circus Christmas Half-Term Kids Camp

January 20, 2024

Are you ready for a holiday adventure like no other? This Christmas Half-Term, we're preparing a festive, fun-filled kids' camp that your children won't soon forget. So join fast and gift your kids a best moment

Are you ready for a holiday adventure like no other? The Christmas Half-Term Kids Camp is back and we're gearing up for a festive, fun-filled experience your children will cherish forever. With the holiday season just around the corner, there's no better way to kick off the celebrations than by letting your kids immerse themselves in the magic of our Christmas camp.

What is Christmas half-term kids camp?

A christmas half-term kids camp is a special holiday program designed for children during the Christmas season. "Half-term" typically refers to a short break from school that falls halfway through the academic term or semester. In some regions, this break coincides with the Christmas holiday camp and that's when Christmas half-term kids camp are organized. These camps are structured to provide children with a variety of fun, educational and festive activities during the school holiday period, which includes the Christmas season. The aim is to keep kids engaged, active and in the holiday spirit while offering parents a reliable and entertaining childcare option during this time.

How does we work?

Leo's Circus christmas half-term kids camp typically operates in a structured and organized manner to provide children with a fun and festive experience during the holiday season. We aim to provide a mix of fun, learning and holiday cheer to keep children engaged and entertained during the Christmas season. Our camps offer a great opportunity for children to socialize, develop new skills and make lasting memories during the holiday break. Here's how it generally works:

  1. Registration and Enrollment

Parents or guardians register their children for the camp by filling out application forms, providing necessary information and paying the camp fees. Some camps may offer early bird discounts or sibling discounts. Leo's Circus christmas half-term kids camp runs from December 11th to December 14th, providing a magical start to the holiday season. Spaces are limited, so be sure to register your child early to secure their spot.

  1. Age Groups

Camps are often organized into different age groups to ensure that activities are age-appropriate and safe for all participants.

  1. Camp Duration

These camps typically run for a specified number of days during the Christmas half-term, which can vary depending on the camp's schedule. Common options include one-week programs or shorter, such as four-day camps.

  1. Camp Details

Age Group: Suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

Camp Duration: 4 days of festive fun and activities.

Location: Singh Sabha Sports Centre, Stoke Poges Lane, Slough, SL1 3LW

Camp Cost: Reasonable pricing with multi day discounts available.

Camp Schedule: 19th Dec - 22nd Dec 2023, 10 AM to 4 PM, or 1 PM - 4 PM. Choose from half days or full days.

  1. Activities

Christmas Half-Term Kids Camps offer a range of activities that can include holiday crafts, circus games and aerial arts, cooking and baking, storytelling, outdoor fun and special events

  1. Safety and Supervision

Camps prioritize the safety and well-being of the children. They have trained staff and counselors who oversee the activities, provide first aid when needed and ensure that the environment is safe.

  1. Meals and Snacks

Camps provide all meals and snacks, depending on the camp's schedule. It's essential to inform the camp of any dietary restrictions or allergies your child may have.

  1. Holiday Spirit

Camps go all out to create a festive atmosphere with holiday decorations, music and activities that embrace the Christmas spirit.

  1. Take-Home Crafts and Memories

Children often bring home the crafts and creations they make during the camp, allowing them to share their holiday spirit with their families.

  1. Parent Communication

Camps typically keep parents informed about their child's activities, any special events and important information regarding the camp.

Benefit of Christmas Half-Term Kids Camp

  • Kids get to enjoy a break from their regular school routine and have fun while learning through holiday-themed activities and games. 
  • It's a great way to keep them engaged and active during the school break.
  • Camps provide children with the opportunity to interact with peers outside of their school environment. 
  • This fosters social skills, encourages teamwork and helps kids make new friends.
  • Holiday-themed crafts and activities inspire creativity and imaginative play, allowing children to express themselves in new and exciting ways.
  • Camps often limit screen time, encouraging kids to unplug from electronic devices and connect with the real world. 
  • This can help reduce screen addiction and promote healthy, face-to-face interaction.

In conclusion, With school out for the holidays, Leo's Circus christmas half-term kids camp offers a fantastic opportunity for your children to stay engaged, active and in the holiday spirit. It's a break from routine, a chance to learn new skills and most importantly, a place to create unforgettable memories. As the song goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year," and we intend to make it even more magical for your children. 

So, why not give them the gift of a magical holiday experience at our Christmas half-term kids camp? Register today and watch as their faces light up with joy and wonder this holiday season. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity for your child to experience the magic of Christmas in a unique and memorable way. Join us at Leo's Circus for a christmas half-term kids camp we'll remember for years to come. Let the festivities begin!

Why Leo's Circus?

Step into a world of enchantment as we transform Leo's Circus campsite into a winter wonderland. Sparkling lights, holiday decorations and the sweet scent of gingerbread will welcome your little ones into the holiday spirit. From crafting ornaments and decorating cookies to snowball fights and sledding, we have an array of exciting activities planned to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Our camp counselors are experts at bringing the holiday cheer to every activity. 

What's Christmas without a visit from Santa Claus himself? We've arranged a special visit from the big man in the red suit. Kids can share their wish lists, take photos and receive a small holiday gift. Our camp is all about creating lasting memories and friendships. Your child will have the chance to connect with other kids, fostering social skills and building relationships that extend beyond the campfire. We understand the importance of safety and comfort, especially during the colder months. Our camp provides cozy indoor spaces for warmth and shelter, ensuring that your child is safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

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