Unleash the Secret Power of Your Tresses: Discover the Art of Hair Hanging

Learn to Hang From Your Hair and
Unlock a NEW Aerial Discipline!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill aerial class. This is about unlocking a hidden strength you carry around every day — the power woven into your very hair.

We are thrilled to bring forth our BRAND NEW workshop in Hair Hanging with Christine Gilbert

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Secure Braiding Foundations

 Discover a braiding technique that turns your hair into a safe and sturdy anchor, ready for aerial artistry.


Learn to trust your body and prepare your scalp with gentle techniques, easing into hair hanging with confidence.


Master proper body alignment to minimize stress on your hair and maximize your aerial grace


Get individual guidance on the basics of taking off, spinning gracefully, and building the stamina needed for hair hanging.

Learn with Safety First

Understand the essentials of safe rigging and practice with peace of mind, knowing every precaution is taken for your security.

Key Details:

- This Beginner Workshop in Hair Hanging with Christine Gilbert is on Saturday, 2nd December, from 11 AM - 2 PM and will have a LIMITED number of spots.

- Whether you're a complete beginner, an aerial enthusiast eager to expand your skill set, or someone in search of a unique and empowering way to stay active and fit, our workshop welcomes all

Meet Christine Gilbert

Christine Gilbert, a globetrotting circus artist, has graced stages worldwide, from San Antonio's Mardis Gras to cultural festivals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Transitioning from hula hooping, silks, and lyra, she now excels in hair hanging. In the U.S., she performs with the improvisational band Ouiness in Austin, Texas.

A 300-hour certified yoga teacher with 13+ years of experience, Christine inspires students to develop a profound body dialogue, enhance proprioception, and conquer challenges.

Her philosophy: Mastering hair hanging opens doors to the seemingly impossible.

Let her guidance empower your journey to surpass limitations and achieve the extraordinary.

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